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Dress the Best for Summer



Get ready for summer ladies and gentlemen! 2017 brings the promise of an all new fashion lineup for both men and women, and boy do you have reason to get excited! While the main fashion trends follow what started in 2016, such as natural fabrics and warm, earthy colors, there are a few unique trends coming up that we couldn’t help but appreciate. Dressing for the summer is slightly more complicated because you want to stay cool and sweat free for as long as possible. That means wisely choosing outfits that will do equally well indoors and outdoors. It is also important to carefully consider protecting yourself from direct exposure to sunlight – and that means selecting lightweight fabrics and bright colors to keep the heat at bay. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best summer wear ides for women and men:

Best Summer Wear for Women:
Summer time is a fun, energetic time which can be enjoyed to the max outside. Whether it’s spending a day out at the beach or hanging out with friends, you can add some great new outfits to update your wardrobe. Having the latest fashionable outfit will do wonders for your confidence and you will feel more social and comfortable around other people. The year 2017 is all about sticking to natural fibers and adopting warm, earthy tones that have a soothing effect.

From eye catching swimwear to ready to wear pieces inspired by some of the top new designers, here are our picks that will keep you cool and comfortable over the summer months:

1. Swimsuits:
Time at the beach is always time well spent. This summer you can pick and choose from a number of fabulous swimsuit designs while you lounge in the sand and soak up some sun. Solid and striped designs are both making a strong comeback this summer as evidenced from the latest catalogues. High cut one piece bikinis are all the rage, and if you manage to pick up one in a color that compliments your skin tone, you are all set for the rest of the year! Don’t forget your accessories: a large pair of dark shades, a straw hat, and a leather or canvas handbag to store all of your essentials.

2. Sundresses:
Both chic and comfortable, sundresses are a timeless staple and this year’s latest designs are going to blow you away. With all kinds of shapes and prints, it can be hard to make the right choice so start out with something simple: stick to a white base and choose a floral print. Add a pair of heels, and with a hat on top you have a lovely summer outfit that will stand out among the crowd. If you want to try out something with a twist, go for a sleeveless mixed print dress. Don’t forget to accessories with a matching pair of shades and cross body handbag.

3. Accessories:
The past couple of years have been heavy on the accessories, and 2017 is no different. While you may not get to show off too many accessories during the summer months, there are still several different

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