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Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces are one of the oldest form of jewelry known to man. Designed to adorn the neck, necklaces have been a symbol of youthfulness, power, and beauty for centuries. From the days of exclusive use by the rulers of ancient Egypt and Rome to their everyday use in dressing today, necklaces form a very essential part of modern clothing today. Necklaces are worn on their own or with a hanging pendant or locket.

At V-Shop, we realize that everyone has their own individual taste. Our store has a large range of necklaces to choose from, including contemporary and modern themes. Our selection of necklaces is designed to inspire, not limit your imagination, and go well with your favorite outfits. Choose from our hot selling simple fabric necklaces which are ready to wear out of the box and customize with pendants or other accessories. You can also choose designs from metal, leather, or other popular items.

Necklaces have been a staple of jewelry and accessories for generations. From the times of ancient Egypt, necklaces have been used by royalty as a symbol of everlasting beauty. When used in combination with the right pendant, necklaces can really stand out and make a grand statement of style, fashion, and elegance. Pendants of all shapes and sizes, inspired by all types of different designs can be used to accessorize your look for any occasion.

The V-Shop selection of pendants includes fashionable stone and metal designs. Choose from a selection of carefully set realistic stones, by intricate patterns of gold and silver that complete an elegant, fashionable look. V-Shop also stocks pendants in various shapes, including feather patterns, flower designs, hearts, and tribal animal themes. Luminous pendants that glow in the dark are also available and will make an amazing addition for a casual night out, a concert, or a glamorous event.