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About us

About V-Shop:
V-Shop is a one stop fashion online store that offers the best picks from jewelry, apparel, watches, accessories and bags for both men and women.

How it All Started:
V-Shop was conceived as a worldwide platform for top quality apparel and accessories at the best prices. With free standard mail delivery across the globe, V-Shop offers a compelling advantage over other competitors, allowing folks to order their favorite items no matter where they are. In order to offer a unique online shopping experience, V-Shop also seeks to offers its shoppers a knowledge rich, educating experience. Shoppers can check out a range of articles and useful info to help better understand the available choices and choose the product you need. Our range of informative blogs also includes posts on how to take care of jewelry and accessories, and how to keep your prized possessions looking their best for a long time to come.

Range of Products:
V-Shop offers numerous accessories and jewelry inspired by unique designs, including imitation stones that will surely stand out. A large selection of contemporary and modern inspired accessories and jewelry items can make all the difference whether you are looking for a subtle addition to your work outfit, or want something that will make your casual outfit stand out. No matter what the occasion, we are confident our selection of products will suit every taste and you will find something that is perfect for you, or as a gift for someone you love.

Easy and Secure Payment:
Here at V-Shop, your convenience is most important to us. Payments can be made securely online through PayPal and you can be rest assured of the high standard of privacy and security offered by one of the world’s top online payment platforms.

Free standard mail shipping is available for all products, throughout the world on every order.